The China-Australia Co-Production Structure


Communication is key to the successful production of creative content. Both countries will have teams of artists in various areas.

  • 3D Model Building, Rigging, Texture, Fur
  • 3D Animation & Story Telling
  • 3D Lighting - setting the mood of the story
  • Compositors & Editors, Technical, Rendering
  • Producers
  • All contributing to the director's vision.

A workflow for efficiency, communication for a free flow of ideas & accessing the creativity and skills of all the individuals within and across the companies and countries.

  • Leading edge high technology and story telling exchange of ideas and skills.
  • Creating an ongoing structure that benefits both companies and countries short and long term.
  • Combining the creative, technical, financial, distribution assets of Australia and China

This is core to The Complete Post Group co-production philosophy.